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Professional Window Cleaning Equipment

Window toolsThe Fast Window Cleaning, utilises the most effective techniques and window cleaning equipment necessary to provide our customers with quality services. Our cleaning company also complies with the Health & Safety Regulations as a form of preventive measure against possible accidents.

All throughout the years that we are in service, we have never encountered any form of accidents because we always make sure that we abide by the rules and safety guidelines. We always check the location and the environment to ensure the safety of our workers and to also avoid causing any form of risk to our clients.

We also observe the Reach and Wash system for any job that is above 6 meters. With these types of system, telescopic poles are utilized to help our window cleaners carry out their tasks even if the window to be cleaned is at great heights. With the system that we use, our window cleaners can reach up to 60 feet without the utilisation of ladders to carry out the tasks.

This system enables us to clean residential and commercial windows without the use of ladders which have been known to be one of the causes of accidents. This system allows us to clean up to the height of 60 feet.

We use water that is 100% deionised which has been proven to effectively absorb dirt and we have used this in cleaning windows and frames of various sizes. With the use of this, we no longer have to use strong chemical agents when carrying out our cleaning services.

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