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    We Respect and Protect Your Privacy

    DisclaimerOur website includes the contents, the graphics, the pictures or images and the codes are owned by The Fast Window Cleaning. We make sure that we protect and respect your privacy whenever you are on our website. We aim to provide you with a great experience when browsing our website.

    Since we are asking information from you, we would like you to understand and fully comprehend how we gather, use and store the information which you willingly provide through this privacy policy and disclaimer.

    How do we gather information about you:

    1. In order to improve our website, we make use of cookies on your browser which monitors your activity on our site. We do not gather any personal information on your computer but merely the page that you visit only on our website. We do not keep track of your other computer activities.
    2. We gather information about you through the online form on our website. With this method, the information that we gather are all willingly provided by you.
    3. Another way would be through email. Only the information provided in this medium is gathered.
    4. The last method would be through a phone call.

    What we do with the information that you have provided:

    1. The information gathered will be used to improve our website in order for us to provide you with a better browsing experience and improve our services as well.
    2. We utilize this information in order for us to find useful information which we think will be beneficial for our customers.
    3. We use the information for certain marketing functions.
    4. We keep your information safe and we do not give it to third party agencies.

    You may receive regular newsletters from our company after you have provided your information. However, we provide you with an option to either continue receiving it or to cancel.

    We store and protect your information on our server and we ensure its safety through our firewall and only specific employees have access to it.

    Our cleaning company can change anything on this website and on our privacy policy and disclaimer anytime without prior notice. We therefore recommend that you check our privacy policy and disclaimer regularly to ensure that you are satisfied with what we offer.

    Our website may contain links to third party companies but we do not recommend them in any way. It is your decision whether you will visit that site and we will not be held liable if ever you wish to visit the website or even click on the link of that third party company. If anything happens thereafter, The Fast Window Cleaning will not be held liable.

    For more information about our services and our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to call us at on 020 3322 8261 or email us directly at enquiries@