Window Cleaning

    Comprehensive Terms and Conditions: A must Read

    Fast window cleaning terms and conditions

    We provide affordable and professional window cleaning services to our customers and we always recommend for our customers to read our terms and conditions.

    We serve the right to alter any content on this website for the improvement of our services and to also serve our customers more effectively. Any changes made to our terms and conditions will be applicable to the clients right after its revision and not to existing clients.

    The Fast Window Cleaning offer several means for our clients to be able to get our services. The methods are via phone call, email or through the online web form on our website.

    When our clients decide to get our services, they are bound and agreeable to our company’s existing terms and conditions during the time that they acquired our services.


    Our cleaning company offers regular window cleaning services to both residential and commercial buildings with a starting price and the price is applicable on an hourly basis which is VAT exclusive.

    Our staff and crew were trained to carry out the cleaning tasks efficiently, however, it is the owner’s responsibility to check the results right before our crew leaves the premises. They will carry out the services which were not handled properly to satisfy the customers.

    If in any case, the owner is not around, they are given a period of 24 hours to make any complaints with regard to the quality of the cleaning service provided. Any complaints after the 24 hour time frame will no longer be honoured not unless the reason is valid which will be subjected to the approval of the owner of the company.

    In relation to the complaints, we do not provide any refund but rather the customer should allow our crew to return to the premise to correct the window cleaning tasks previously done.

    Whenever our customers would like to book our service, they are required to provide necessary information such as their name, address, phone number, email address and payment transaction details. Once the request has been submitted and approved, the customer will receive an email confirmation for the window cleaning service. With this email confirmation, the customer or client is bound to agree to our terms and conditions unless specified otherwise.

    The clients or customers must allow our window cleaners to have access to power and water if necessary. It is the client’s responsibility to provide these needs unless otherwise specified during the process of booking the service.

    It is the client’s or the customer’s responsibility to remove or secure all breakable items in the area where our window cleaners are expected to clean out.

    Our cleaning company will provide all the equipment and tools needed however, if there is a need to use a more specialized equipment, we will be adding a charge for it.

    In Cases of service cancellations or schedule changes, the client or the owner is required to notify, 24 to 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

    For a more detailed information about our window cleaning services, call us now on 020 3322 8261 or go to our online form.